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Company Overview

In an era of heightened security concerns, reviewing the background of prospective and existing employees in your organization is more critical now than ever.  An employer must do more than rely on what a job candidate reveals on a job application to reduce security risks.  In response to this need, ScreenStaff.com partnered with ChoicePoint®, the leading provider of employment background screening services.

The opportunity to benefit from these background investigation services is available to your company through ScreenNow®, an online employment solution created by ChoicePoint, that HR professionals and hiring managers utilize to screen prospective and existing employees.

ScreenNow is designed to help employers obtain background information in a fast, reliable, legally compliant manner. ScreenNow offers hiring managers the convenience of ordering and viewing reports online.

ChoicePoint has grown from the nation's premier source of data to the insurance industry into the premier provider of decision-making intelligence to businesses and government. Through the identification, retrieval, storage, analysis and delivery of data, ChoicePoint serves the informational needs of the property and casualty market, life and health market and businesses, including Fortune 1000 corporations, asset-based lenders and professional service providers, and federal, state and local government agencies.

ChoicePoint keeps abreast of the issues and trends in anticipation of what we believe to be a future opportunity of risk assessment information delivery. The Company strives to build and sustain long-term relationships through always understanding its customers' needs, while responding effectively with products and services that reflect changing industry concerns and dynamics. In addition, ChoicePoint strongly promotes the responsible use of information as a fundamental plank of its business model and maintains and upholds standards regarding the use and dissemination of information.

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Headquartered outside of Atlanta, ChoicePoint employs approximately 4,200 people in more than 50 locations. ChoicePoint shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CPS. Main web site – www.choicepoint.com